Google reader is being shut down

I have just discovered this morning that Google Reader is being shut down on July 1st. This is a shame as I have only just started using it and have finally got the hang of it. I have however just found using Google Reader a post by Karen ( Sorry Karen I couldn’t see your last name to acknowledge you properly)¬† ¬†that shares a few websites that may just be as effective as Google Reader.

Here is the link that I have copied from her blog page

Hopefully one of these will be the next best thing as we are going to have to continue to use one for this course, and I’m sure for many other personal learning adventures in the future.

5 thoughts on “Google reader is being shut down

    • We can only hope so. I’m actually starting to like all this a little. What did I do with my spare time before? LOL.

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  2. No worries Rebecca, hope we find something which works for us as nicely. It is a shame Google Reader doesn’t take us to the end of this course.

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